We are 1 Year online!
Come online and celebrate with us our 1 year jubileum.
As a little treat we give all of our players one free mystery piston that you may claim FOR FREE in our server store.
Giveaways are also included by our treat so be online on 8-8-2016.
We will see you there!
Announcement Let the summer begin!
Wohoo, it is officially summer.
So where is our sale? it is started now untill the end of the summer.
There is a total 0f 40% on anything.
So for example the wand crate keys from 5 euro are sold for 3 euro.

For any questions feel free to ask them in this threat.
Our minecraft server has been updated to minecraft 1.9.x (All Minecraft 1.9 versions) and minecraft 1.10.

Any questions?
Ask them under this threat. (By clicking on read more)
Event Server tour

Do you think you could do it better?
Make a trailer for us an the best trailer will receive the Pumpkin King kit in our kitppvp!

- 1080p (HD) quality
- Non copyrighted music
- No lagg spikes

How to apply your trailer:
Just post your trailer link in to this threads comments.

* This Event will stop at 30 May 2016.


In this update the old lobby got removed and there is made a new lobby.
In the new lobby there are added new custom costmetics.

New futures
  • Mystery Pistons
    Players may claim rewards and get mystery pistons.
  • New Costmetics
    Free costmetics added and custom gadgets.
  • Spleef
    Just a cool spleef minigame in the hub.

  • Leveling system
    When the claimed his reward he gets exp and by eacht 5 levels he gets a mystery piston.
  • Rewarder
    Claim each day free Slimeballs and Exp.
  • Slimeballs
    Craft mystery pistons with them.
The spawning boat.

The donor ''Chill'' boat.

The portal iseland.

The ''Portal'' section.
The official Xylon Anti Cheat has been updated to minecraft 1.9.
(XAC is the better version of anti hack plugins combined in a custom coded plugin by XylonMC)

Known bug fixes:
  • Kingdom wood cutting bug - Fixed
  • Kingdom elytra bug - fixed
  • Kingdom frost bug - fixed
  • Network wide tp back if the player is lagging - fixed
Welcome XylonMC members to our new community website!

New futures
  • Requesting unban on the forums.
  • Login with google+
  • Website updates every day.